The Issues

Healthy and Safe Neighborhoods

  • Connectivity between parks, businesses, and neighborhoods
  • Sidewalks, bike paths, crosswalks, and ADA accessible street crossings
  • Preserving our tree canopy and green space
  • Prioritizing infill development over sprawl
  • Smooth streets
  • Funding for public safety officials and mental health resources
  • Clean air and water
  • Adopting a climate action plan to protect our future
  • Transitioning to an all-electric fleet of city vehicles and buses, with charging stations powered by renewable DME energy

Equal Opportunities

  • Adopting and implementing a comprehensive Non-Discrimination Ordinance to protect our LGBTQ community
  • Expanding on the Disability Committee to bring more voices to the table and ensure access and equality for all who live and work here
  • Securing safe and affordable housing regardless of a person’s economic status
  • Supporting various transportation modalities so that all people can move safely, regardless of ability or income

Good Paying Jobs

  • Leveraging Denton’s strengths (especially our location, our renewable energy portfolio, and our educated, creative populace) to bring in businesses — not writing checks to bring them here.
  • Supporting small businesses, start ups, creatives, and the tech sector
  • Attracting larger businesses that pay a living wage and act as good stewards to established neighborhoods and the environment

Affordability for All

  • Working with organizations to create affordable housing options
  • Keeping a watchful eye on your property tax bill so people can afford to stay in their homes
  • Being better stewards of your tax dollars so that our collective resources can go farther and be spent wiser

Quality of Life

Our creative culture, small business vibe, unique downtown, quality parks, renewable energy portfolio, and green space found in and around our city limits make Denton a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Let’s work together to preserve what makes us great — not sell Denton out to the highest bidder.

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Thomas “Hutch” Ice, Treasurer

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